Magical Mystery Cake

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This is my take on a "Chef's Choice" cake. Gorgeous strawberries at the farmer's market? Maybe I'll do something strawberry. Or maybe I'll be feeling zesty lemon with homemade crème fraîche and hazelnut crunch. Or a 70% dark chocolate with apricot and cinnamon. 

Two things are certain: 1) I will have a lot of fun making your cake and 2) it will be fabulous. I CHOOSE, YOU WIN!

Let me know if you have any aversions or allergies and I'll steer clear of those.

Take a chance! Spin the wheel of deliciousness!

NOTE: If you have a special cake request, please use the Custom 9" Cake option. The Magical Mystery Cake is intended to let me decide what to make (and go crazy with it!).  

9" cake, Serves 12-14

Contains: wheat, eggs, dairy, (potentially other allergens such as nuts unless omission is requested)

Needs refrigeration until ~1 hour before service