What Covid-19 precautions do you take?

I take our current situation seriously. In addition to maintaining a rigorous sanitation regimen, I do a full wipe-down of all kitchen surfaces before beginning my day. All finished products are handled with gloves and mask. I ensure that no one else is in the kitchen with me while baking. I also deliver to your door, with mask, and offer contact-free handoff to ensure that proper distancing is observed.

Where do you make your cakes?

I rent space in a fully licensed commercial kitchen. I am also fully licensed and insured as a food provider in Missoula County.

How much advance notice do you need?

Three days typically. If you need something sooner than that, just send me a note and I'll see if I can accommodate you. It's always worth asking, and I'll do whatever I can to help you out!

Do you make themed cakes (i.e. unicorn, transformer, sponge bob, fishing, etc)?

Unfortunately I don't. You might check out Artcake MT, Cakes In The Zoo or SweetVee's for these types of cakes.

Do you make gluten-free cakes?

Oftentimes yes. Depending on the recipe I can make a gluten-free custom option for you. NOTE: I work in a kitchen where wheat is present so I do not recommend my gluten-free cakes for people who are highly sensitive to gluten.

Do you make vegan cakes?

Unfortunately I don't. But please check out my friends David and Beth at Tandem Bakery who make amazing vegan and gluten-free baked goods.  https://www.tandemdoughnuts.com/menus

How do I "Cake It Forward"?

Great question, and it's super easy. Simply select the cake you want to send to someone, then at checkout make sure to put THEIR info for Delivery (including their phone number), and YOUR info for Billing at the end of checkout. More details on the How It Works page.

Do you make cakes other than those on your menu?

Definitely. I have a Custom 9" Cake option just for these occasions. NOTE: All custom cake orders must be approved before ordering.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Anywhere within Missoula city limits. Just make sure to enter the Delivery address first, then the Billing address at the very end. If you live outside city limits I can meet you anywhere in town for a handoff (i.e. big box store parking lot, coffee shop, etc). More details on the How It Works page.

Do you ship?

Unfortunately no. The cakes I make are fresh and quite delicate. They wouldn't survive the journey very well and you'd end up paying much more for the shipping than the cake itself.

Do you do wedding cakes?

I do! I would love to help you celebrate your amazing day. Please check out the Weddings page to start the conversation.

Why are your cakes so expensive?

I use not only top quality ingredients, but free-range eggs, organic flour and local organic produce whenever possible. I value sustainably sourced ingredients and support fellow small businesses such as local farms every chance I get. I think these ingredients make a better end product, and this kind of sourcing contributes to the community we live and thrive in. The cakes become a little more expensive, but dang they're worth every penny!