I’d love to partner with you in making your wedding something special that people talk about and remember. 

No more scraping off the frosting or taking one bite and leaving the rest. Everything I make is custom, hand-made to order by me personally, start to finish. I take great care in using the best ingredients available, including local, organic and free-range when possible. I value sustainability and go to lengths to keep the flavors big but my footprint small. My desserts tend to be less sweet, less heavy and more flavor-forward.

Currently I offer 9” round cakes and half sheet cakes. Pastries, cupcakes and cake bars are also an option. I do not offer tiered (aka stacked) cakes or fondant cakes.

9” cakes serve up to 14 people

Half sheet cakes serve up to 48 people

It’s increasingly common to have a 9” cutting cake for the couple and one or more half sheet cakes for guests. Multiple 9” cakes for a “cascading” effect on a dessert table is also a popular look, and we can discuss your ideas whenever you like.

Please reach out for a free initial consultation -- I'm looking forward to talking this through with you! Once we've discussed your tastes and preferences you can book at tasting below if you like. Pricing usually comes in between $7-$10 per person, depending on the options. Any wedding over $400 that's booked will have the tasting fee applied automatically.


CLICK HERE IF YOU'D LIKE TO BOOK A TASTING. Requires a brief conversation with Jeremy before booking.



White On White

White velvet cake, berry crémeux*, vanilla bean mousse, white chocolate shavings

Lemon Chiffon

Vanilla chiffon cake, Meyer lemon curd, lemon Italian buttercream

Chocolate Mousse

Devil’s food cake, ganache, berries, chocolate mousse, mirror glaze

Naked Carrot

Moist carrot cake, cream cheese Italian buttercream

Bello Porto

Vanilla chiffon cake, thin layer of ganache, port wine Italian buttercream

Pink Velvet

Pink velvet cake, raspberry jam, cream cheese Italian buttercream

Café Mocha

Vanilla chiffon cake brushed with espresso, ganache, coffee Italian buttercream


* Crémeux (KREM-uuh) is a form of French custard; the name translates to “creamy”.



White Velvet Lemon Curd Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Chiffon Ganache Chocolate
Devil's Food Raspberry Jam Hunter Bay Coffee
Carrot Vanilla Bean Mousse Coconut
Pink Velvet Berry Crémeux Lemon
  Fresh Fruit Malt
  Chopped Nuts Cream Cheese
    Peanut Butter
    Port Wine
    Strawberry Balsamic